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BOOK REVIEW: The Thief by Stephanie Landsem

Being organized allows me space in my life for things I enjoy -- and one of my greatest joys is a good book. As a semi-regular feature I will review books I've recently read. 

BOOK REVIEW: The Thief by Stephanie Landsem

About the book: 

A Roman centurion longing for peace and a Jewish woman hiding a deadly secret witness a miracle that transforms their lives and leads them to the foot of the cross.
Longinus is a Roman centurion haunted by death and failure. Desperate to escape the accursed Judean province, he accepts a wager. If he can catch the thieves harassing the marketplace before Passover, he'll earn a transfer away from the troublemaking Jews.
Nissa is a Jewish woman with a sharp tongue and no hope of marriage. Only with the help of Mouse, the best thief in Jerusalem, can she keep her blind brother, Cedron, fed and a roof over their heads.
When a controversial teacher miraculously heals Cedron, Longinus longs to learn more about the mysterious healer. Instead, his journey leads him to Nissa, whose secret will determine the course of both their futures.
Unexpectedly caught up in the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus, they wonder who this teacher is who heals others but does nothing to save himself. Is the mercy he offers in his teachings real, or just another false promise? Can Nissa and Longinus overcome their pasts to find a future free of their shackles?

The Thief is an evocative story of two people trapped in their circumstances and the life-changing power of forgiveness and love.

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I'm a writer, but I'm still often in awe of the ideas people come up with for the novels they write. The Thief is a perfect example. I would never have thought of writing a novel with Jesus as a character. But Landsem did. And the result is a book that transports the reader back in time, back to a time we can't envision easily because it's so different from our own. Yet Landsem makes you feel as if you're there. You can almost taste, hear and smell the world the characters inhabit. 

The Thief is beautifully written, and full of unexpected twists and turns. I had trouble putting it down, needing to know what would happen next. Landsem makes you care about the characters in spite of their flaws, maybe because of their flaws. Most of us have felt trapped at some point in our lives, so we can relate to the dilemmas of the characters. The Thief is a must read. 

About the author:

Stephanie Landsem loves adventure in far-off times and places. In real life, she's explored ancient ruins, medieval castles, and majestic cathedrals around the world. Stephanie is equally happy at home in Minnesota with her husband, four children, and three fat cats. When she's not writing, she's feeding the ravenous horde, avoiding housework, and dreaming about her next adventure---whether it be in person or on the page.

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